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Reviews on our “Zero Carbon” Initiatives

“Zero Carbon” refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset and is used in the context of carbon dioxide releasing processes. (Wikipedia)

Zero-CarbonThe SWITCH-Asia “Zero Carbon Resorts” project of the European Union seeks to enable tourism SMEs, such as hotels and resorts, to provide their energy services in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sound way.



  • The “Zero Carbon” Initiatives is a great idea and I hope other accommodations support the initiative as well. I didn’t change my towels everyday and tried to save water to contribute to the hotel’s eco-friendly practices.
  • It is good that the hotel is leading by way of example, the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives. We minimized water & electricity use to contribute to the eco-friendly practices while we were there.
  • I love the eco-consciousness of this hotel. I will definitely invite friends! Inspiring! We used recycled good for art, public transit, reused our towel for multiple days and filled my water bottle instead of buying plastic ones.
  • I love the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives! Keep up the exemplary work. Also appreciate the anti-trafficking support. Reuse, reduce & recycle!
  • I really support the “Zero Carbon” Initiatives. We need to do more for our environment. During my stay in the hotel, I minimized my use of the aircon, recycled and filled up my water bottle instead of buying water in plastic bottles.


A cheerful, Mexicana-themed place near the Capitol Building, the Mayflower feels like home sweet home. Rooms are bright, clean and comfortable enough for the price. The downstairs restaurant offers native Filipino dishes in an attractive leafy courtyard.


“Eco, Budget & Human Friendly Hotel”
Quezon, Philippines, June 2014

My office-mate led me to this hotel and I was surprised by how this hotel was conceptualized. Building design is designed to save electricity and everything is environmental friendly, they seldom use plastic in everything. The rooms were nice and affordable. Majority of the employees are friendly and hospitable. I will certainty go back to this hotel.

Great budget rooms, food and
Philippines, February 2014

I’m giving it 5 stars considering the cost 850 peso (single) or 1150 (twin). Rooms are basic but have always been very clean, single beds often, no fat duvet but who needs one. Rooms are decent size, good aircon, TV and cable, internet is ok, not blistering. The staff have always been friendly to me but I’ve never made any special requests either, its not the Radisson so don’t expect the ‘bend over backwards’ attitude. Restaurant food is limited, mostly Filipino, very good and very cheap, get stuck in. I’ve stayed here on no less that 4 occasions and will continue to do so.

“Surprisingly good for kids”
Lund, Sweden, September 2013

This is small, basic hotel with charm. The rooms are clean, the beds good and shower fine. We stayed here two nights while my wife had a fever and spend most of the time in bed. Our two sons were never bored though because there was a lot of games for the kids to play with. The food in the restaurant was good. The location is central and it is easy to get to other places. It is a straight jeepney ride to the Ayala center (big mall). There is a garden with some animals, turtles among them. Staff is very friendly and it is one of those places where it is quite easy to get to know the other fellow travelers.

“Very friendly, safe and comfortable budget hotel”
Basel, Switzerland, February 2013

We stayed here twice on our journey through the philippines – came back for the second time because it was so good on our first stay! Mayflower Inn is perfectly located uptown (the safer area to stay than downtown), nearby some restaurants, ATMs (working with foreign cards) and shops. We felt very warmly welcomed by the friendly and helpful staff. The reception is 24-7 occupied and theres a security guard at the front door – we felt perfectly safe here. Our room was basic, but very clean and quiet. There´s good working wifi in the rooms. Furthermore we liked their eco-friendly philosophy. We would definitely come back – very good value for the money!

“Quaint and Comfortable”
Orebro, Sweden, February 2013

This Inn is located in a good spot in the northern center of the city. The Inn is slightly pricier than the cheapest but it’s also cleaner and in an area of the city which is safer than the heart of downtown. The rooms are nice and cosy, there is space to get unpacked and even a TV! The philosophy behind the Inn is interesting and ads to its charm. There is free wifi, a restaurant with a simple but adequate menu, free drinking water (for refill), a computer for guests to borrow (free of charge) and great common areas with musical instruments, table tennis, board games and books. There’s also a play area for children. The staff is well informed and very helpful and will assist you as well as they can with anything you might need. There is a laundry place just next door, and streetfood is available just a couple of minutes walk away. There are other eateries, shops and a bar within walking distance as well. This is definitely a good accommodation option in Cebu City!

“Just as it should be”
France, June 2012

My husband and I spent two whole weeks at this hotel (I was recovering from surgery, a sudden appendicitis that ruined our travel plans, thanks god for Chong Hua hospital), and we felt very comfortable and well taken care of. Staff is friendly, security good, restaurant is ok value, rooms are great. Bathroom was clean and there was always hot water. Everything was working, and the mattress was new. Wifi was always working, sometimes even quite fast. And I think the location is great because it’s a bit off the main (noisy) street. Oh, and they have a million board and card games you can borrow, as well as books, magazines (National Geographics dating back to 1967, wow!), so it’s a great place to spend a lazy evening (or twelve). I’d definitely recommend.

To know more about us and our green and sustainable practices, click here.


From the Delegates of the Asian Youth Forum 2013



The Mayflower Inn,
was the official home of the
The Delegates of the Asian Youth Forum 2013
last December 2013.

The Asian Youth Forum was founded in 1999 with the help of English teachers who are members of the Pan Asian Conference, an organization for English teachers in East Asia. To date, the AYF has members from India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Every two years, the Pan Asian Conference (PAC) sponsors a conference for English teachers in East Asia and it was in 1999 when the Asian Youth Forum was first incorporated in the event. Last year, the 10th Asian Youth Forum took place in the APEC Summit venue- the Far Eastern Federal University on Russia Island, Vladivostok, Russia.

The Vision
The aim of the AYF is to bring together college-aged students through the medium of English as an Asian language to discuss languages, culture, education, and global issues that affect our world today. By doing this, we expect to bring about a better understanding of the world we live in and provide students with the tools to become global citizens and leaders of the new millennium. 

The Mission
AYF envisions the empowerment of young people of Asia by providing opportunities to discuss significant issues in an Asian perspective and creating awareness of their own culture as well as others, it will be able to create a network amongst young Asian people, and use English as our common language, AYF will promote peace, goodwill and intercultural understanding. AYF commits itself to the empowerment of the Asian youth by implementing programs, activities, and initiatives in consonance with the ideals, aspirations, and hopes of Asian Youth around the world. AYF envisions an organization that is sensitive and responsive to the interests of the Asian Youth and will assist and support their needs the best way possible.

Heritage & Permaculture Library @ The Mayflower Inn


Heritage & Permaculture Library

Wanna know more
about our permaculture practices
here at The Mayflower Inn?

If you want to learn more
about the unique features and practices
we have at our hotel,
we have the books and educational resources
that you can learn from.

We have a unique private collection
of Heritage and Permaculture Books
that we have developed
in order to collect, share and preserve knowledge.
This specialized collection
was acquired through 3 generations
and was developed to support our mission
to spread the ethics, design principles
and practice of PERMACULTURE.

With the study of Permaculture,
you will encounter the Permaculture Flower
and learn the 7 Petals (areas)
in the Practice of Permaculture:
1) Building,
2) Tools and Technology,
3) Education and Culture,
4) Health and Spiritual Well-Being,
5) Finance and Economics,
6) Land Tenure and Community Governance,
7) Land and Nature Stewardship.

Our Heritage Library
includes books related to :
1) Philippine Culture and Way of Life,
2) the Catholic Religion,
4)Latin American Literature and
5) Foreign Languages.

We also have a small JUVENILE Section
that includes References and Children’s Literature.

In the spirit of Permaculture and sustainability,
we at The Mayflower Inn
provide you
with the opportunity of lifelong learning.

Come learn with us!

The Living Tradition Showcase @ The Mayflower Inn


The Living Tradition Showcase

What are these amateur
and crude looking projects
doing at the lobby?

at The Mayflower Inn,
we celebrate a monthly theme
that could vary from environmental
to political, social,
religious and cultural themes.
We have designated areas
around the hotel
that our staff decorate
according to the set theme.

This is how it works:
• They are given a set amount
(approximately $7)
to be spent for art materials
and they have to come up with the best design.
They are encouraged to use natural materials
such as leaves, twigs, fiber,
and others combined with reused, recycled,
salvaged, mixed media materials.
• They meet and brainstorm
as to how they could best interpret the theme
and budget the money provided for the materials
needed to materialize their project idea.
• There are two important criteria:
their project must be innovative
(must show guests/ our public
ways of doing things differently)
and it must create a festive mood.

This monthly showcase
is our way of promoting our local traditions
and at the same time engaging
and challenging our staff’s team spirit,
creativity and resourcefulness.

Our wonderful staff
hails from different regions
of the Philippine archipelago.
They bring with them
different handicraft skills
like weaving, floral design and arrangement,
puppet and toy making,
which they use
to creatively interpret our monthly themes.

We at The Mayflower Inn,
through our Monthly Living Traditions Showcase,
endeavor to promote
innovative methods
of maintaining continuity
in the transmission of Philippine folk culture.