Heritage & Permaculture Library @ The Mayflower Inn


Heritage & Permaculture Library

Wanna know more
about our permaculture practices
here at The Mayflower Inn?

If you want to learn more
about the unique features and practices
we have at our hotel,
we have the books and educational resources
that you can learn from.

We have a unique private collection
of Heritage and Permaculture Books
that we have developed
in order to collect, share and preserve knowledge.
This specialized collection
was acquired through 3 generations
and was developed to support our mission
to spread the ethics, design principles
and practice of PERMACULTURE.

With the study of Permaculture,
you will encounter the Permaculture Flower
and learn the 7 Petals (areas)
in the Practice of Permaculture:
1) Building,
2) Tools and Technology,
3) Education and Culture,
4) Health and Spiritual Well-Being,
5) Finance and Economics,
6) Land Tenure and Community Governance,
7) Land and Nature Stewardship.

Our Heritage Library
includes books related to :
1) Philippine Culture and Way of Life,
2) the Catholic Religion,
4)Latin American Literature and
5) Foreign Languages.

We also have a small JUVENILE Section
that includes References and Children’s Literature.

In the spirit of Permaculture and sustainability,
we at The Mayflower Inn
provide you
with the opportunity of lifelong learning.

Come learn with us!


The Living Tradition Showcase @ The Mayflower Inn


The Living Tradition Showcase

What are these amateur
and crude looking projects
doing at the lobby?

at The Mayflower Inn,
we celebrate a monthly theme
that could vary from environmental
to political, social,
religious and cultural themes.
We have designated areas
around the hotel
that our staff decorate
according to the set theme.

This is how it works:
• They are given a set amount
(approximately $7)
to be spent for art materials
and they have to come up with the best design.
They are encouraged to use natural materials
such as leaves, twigs, fiber,
and others combined with reused, recycled,
salvaged, mixed media materials.
• They meet and brainstorm
as to how they could best interpret the theme
and budget the money provided for the materials
needed to materialize their project idea.
• There are two important criteria:
their project must be innovative
(must show guests/ our public
ways of doing things differently)
and it must create a festive mood.

This monthly showcase
is our way of promoting our local traditions
and at the same time engaging
and challenging our staff’s team spirit,
creativity and resourcefulness.

Our wonderful staff
hails from different regions
of the Philippine archipelago.
They bring with them
different handicraft skills
like weaving, floral design and arrangement,
puppet and toy making,
which they use
to creatively interpret our monthly themes.

We at The Mayflower Inn,
through our Monthly Living Traditions Showcase,
endeavor to promote
innovative methods
of maintaining continuity
in the transmission of Philippine folk culture.

Joel Lee, Permaculture Designer and Teacher, Cebu, Philippines

Permaculture in the Philippines
is alive and thriving.

In Cebu,
Permaculture is drawing a lot of interest
and has been translated into action.
Joel Lee  is one of the prime movers
of Permaculture in Cebu.
He studied under Geoff Lawton in Australia.

He is a passionate
and uncompromising permaculture designer.
He is our primary designer
for our two major permaculture development sites:
Katunggan Permaculture Adventure Farm
Kamagayan Green Zone
and for our three permaculture inspired hotels:
Elicon House: A Conservation and Permaculture Inspired Hotel
The Mayflower Inn: A Heritage and Permaculture Inspired Hotel
West Gorordo Hotel: An Essence and Permaculture Inspired Hotel

He facilitates permaculture learning groups in the Cebu
and leads Permaculture Safaris and Learning Field Trips.