Reclaimed Wood @ The Mayflower Inn


At first glance,
you might think
that our furnishings at The Mayflower Inn
are old and rundown.

Yes, they are and for a very good reason..

At The Mayflower Inn,
we want to go against ‘throw away culture’
and highlight
the urgency to STOP Cutting Trees
because there is already so much
that can be repurposed,
and restored.

When The Mayflower Inn
was totally rebuilt in 2005,
we reclaimed as much wood as possible
from the old structure
that stood proud for over 50 years.


We have now placed
these pieces of aged lumber
in prominent places of honour
to symbolize and pay homage
to the symbiotic
and interdependent relationships
that were forged
by the staff who worked here
and the guests
who patronized The Mayflower Inn
all these years.

old mayflower

These reclaimed wood
that grace our interiors
convey the practical
and profound value
of our transition model:
Reuse and Recycle.

They also remind us
of the remaining forests
that harbour
the biodiversity
that we urgently need
to protect
and restore.
recalimed wood