Sustainable Guestrooms at The Mayflower Inn


What we do:
Listed among the items
we have banned from our hotel include:
single-use throw-away plastic products,
unnecessary lighting, useless packaging,
unnecessary amenities and facilities.
We only provide bulk bathroom tissue
and the basic naked soap.
What you can do:
Set aside soap you don’t wish to use.
Do not waste toilet paper
(clogs the toilet and sewage system),
do not use toilet paper as a sink plug..

What we do:
We aim to use items in a way
that extends or repeats the service cycle
without loss of quality:
drinking glasses, change of linen
and towels only upon request.
For long staying guest, linens
and towels are changed every 3 days.
What you can do:
Hang your towel so you can reuse them.
Keep your towels and sheets clean.
Do not use them to wipe off make-up,
clean shoes or wipe the floor.
If you have highlighted or dyed hair,
please use your personal fabric over the pillowcase.
Remember it requires millions of gallons of water
and tons of bleaching chemicals
to keep your towels and sheets white.
Request a towel or linen change only when necessary.

What we do:
Among our practices to realize this objective
include: recycling construction materials into homemade furniture,
garbage sorting at guestrooms, donating used linens and furniture
to charitable institutions,
composting food waste into organic fertilizer,
selling collected plastic bottles and cans
with the proceeds directed to our CSR outreach programs.
What you can do:
Cooperate with our garbage sorting system
by putting your garbage in the appropriate bin:
biodegradable, non-biodegradable or residuals.
If upon checking out,
you have an item you don’t need any more
and don’t want to take with you,
don’t throw it out…donate it!
Items collected will be donated
to our CSR Outreach Partners.
Donate your clothes,
magazines, books and personal belongings.
Many guests have participated in this program.

What we do:
Here are our water and electricity
waste reduction measures:
guestroom main power key switch,
energy-efficient appliances,
100% LED Lighting (low emitting diodes),
task lighting, small tank toilets,
faucet aerators, sensor lighting,
heat pump, lower heater temperature.
Here are some of our energy saving practices:
replacement of inefficient appliances,
regular maintenance of equipment & appliances,
routine water audit and leak detection.
What you can do:
Here are ways in which you can help us
reduce energy use:
Use the stairs instead
of the elevator, (will improve your health),
do not smoke or eat in your room
(extra cleaning means extra energy use and use of pesticides),
remove the key switch when leaving the room,
do not tamper with the key switch,
turn- off appliances when not in use,
take shorter showers, turn off the tap while brushing
your teeth, shaving, or washing your face,
report malfunctioning equipment, leaking faucets and toilet.

All together,
our goal is to minimize our damaging effect
on the environment and
help RESTORE the earth
for our own good.
We are glad to have you onboard and thank you for your cooperation.
Enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!



Our Resident Turtles

Our Resident Turtles


Meet our long staying guests-
at The Mayflower Inn…

are known to symbolize
patience, wisdom and long life.
They are characterized
as slow, shy
and unassuming creatures.

We have chosen to host them
in our mini-ecosystem
as a constant reminder
of the values
that they embody
and that we commit to emulate.

In the hospitality enterprise,
we choose not to compete
but to provide constant,
sensible and reliable quality
that can be sustained for many years.

The Asian Box Turtle
used to be very common
in the Philippines and other Asian countries.
Typically found in streams, marshes,
rice paddies and mangrove creeks,
its diet consists of worms,insects and veggies.

As their habitat has become challenged,
the Asian Box Turtles
have become rare
and endangered.

However, we are proud to say
that as we have provided them with a safe
and friendly habitat here at our garden,
they have now started to breed
and multiply.

Our resident turtles
also play an important role
in our mini ecosystem.
They act as bio-digesters
for the organic waste
generated by the kitchen
and restaurant service.

It is our hope
that you will be inspired
by the wisdom
of these gentle creatures
and be reminded
to slow down,
live a simple life,
keep your load light
and trod gently
on this planet.

The KOI Peacepond (pun intended)

The KOI Peacepond (pun intended)


It wasn’t so long ago
in wartime (WWII) Cebu,
when hearing somebody scream
“Naana ang mga Hapon!”
(The Japanese are here)
alerted everyone to run
and hide or suffer
the chance of rape, torture and death.

(Hello! How are you?)
Meet our long staying Japanese residents…
no need to run and hide
because they are peaceful
and playful beings.

means “carp” in Japanese.
It is also a homophone
for another word
that means “affection” or “love”.

Thus, the koi is a Japanese symbol
of love and friendship.
And at The Mayflower Inn,
we have embraced it
as a symbol of “peace” as well.

The Koi Peace Pond
is here to remind us
of the sanctity
of our harmonious co-existence
and interdependence
with our fellow human beings.

The Koi
are not only fun to watch
as they feed and play,
but they also serve
a very important role
in our mini ecosystem.
They are omnivores
and act as bio-recyclers.
They eat algae and insects
and their waste in the water
provide nutrients
for the plants in the garden.

Peace be with you.

Waterfalls & Pond

Here at The Mayflower Inn-
If you hang out long enough at the café,
there is a surprise in store for you.
During the breakfast hours
and whenever there are enough diners hanging around,
we turn on our man-made waterfalls.

The waterfalls and pond
are the water features of our mini eco-system.
They are delightful to the eyes
and pleasing to the spirit.
They create a cool and relaxing atmosphere
and contribute to the humidification of the area,
providing additional moisture for the garden plants.
Also, the filtration system
allows the collection of leaf droppings
and fine solid particles
and excreta from the fish and turtles
which become good fertilizer for the plants.

Water symbolizes life.
May the water features in our garden
remind us
that we are one with the water that surrounds us.

We have a crucial role
as stewards
to keep pure
the bodies of water inside us (as we are 90% water)
and those around us:
springs, waterfalls, rivers, seas and oceans.

Let’s not forget that the state of our waterways is reflective of the state of our spirits.