Sustainable Business Office @ Mayflower Inn

Sustainable Business Office

Our business office
is as permaculture-inspired
and eco-friendly as our hotel.

Here are some of the eco-friendly
practices at our business office:
Because we are a no-frills hotel,
we remain faithful
to our sustainable purchasing policy
by cutting down on unnecessary purchases
and avoiding over-specifying
of product requirements,
patronizing small,
local family businesses,
minimizing the purchase
of imported products
(to lessen the burning of fossil fuels)
and steering away from aerosol
and toxic products.

What we do to reduce waste of energy:
maximize use of natural daylighting,
use of task lighting,
use of green (plants) cladding
to reduce penetration of direct heat,
share a common printer,
use of micro-cars (Smart car)
as management service vehicles.

Here are our re-use practices
at the office:
re-using papers
and printing on both sides of the page,
using dot matrix printers
with refillable ribbon ink cartridge,
using newsprint or recycled paper
for non-archival documents,
prolonging the life of office fixtures
and those that need to be released
like old furniture, computers and equipment
are donated to charitable institutions.

Discarded documents
that cannot be reused for printing
are utilized to make compost or landfill.
Purchasing products and services
from small local family businesses
in order to support the local community economy.

Thank you for your continued patronage
and partnering with us
in our endeavor to lead a business
that yields abundantly
while also responsibly
caring for the earth, the people and the future.


Heritage & Permaculture Library @ The Mayflower Inn


Heritage & Permaculture Library

Wanna know more
about our permaculture practices
here at The Mayflower Inn?

If you want to learn more
about the unique features and practices
we have at our hotel,
we have the books and educational resources
that you can learn from.

We have a unique private collection
of Heritage and Permaculture Books
that we have developed
in order to collect, share and preserve knowledge.
This specialized collection
was acquired through 3 generations
and was developed to support our mission
to spread the ethics, design principles
and practice of PERMACULTURE.

With the study of Permaculture,
you will encounter the Permaculture Flower
and learn the 7 Petals (areas)
in the Practice of Permaculture:
1) Building,
2) Tools and Technology,
3) Education and Culture,
4) Health and Spiritual Well-Being,
5) Finance and Economics,
6) Land Tenure and Community Governance,
7) Land and Nature Stewardship.

Our Heritage Library
includes books related to :
1) Philippine Culture and Way of Life,
2) the Catholic Religion,
4)Latin American Literature and
5) Foreign Languages.

We also have a small JUVENILE Section
that includes References and Children’s Literature.

In the spirit of Permaculture and sustainability,
we at The Mayflower Inn
provide you
with the opportunity of lifelong learning.

Come learn with us!

The Living Tradition Showcase @ The Mayflower Inn


The Living Tradition Showcase

What are these amateur
and crude looking projects
doing at the lobby?

at The Mayflower Inn,
we celebrate a monthly theme
that could vary from environmental
to political, social,
religious and cultural themes.
We have designated areas
around the hotel
that our staff decorate
according to the set theme.

This is how it works:
• They are given a set amount
(approximately $7)
to be spent for art materials
and they have to come up with the best design.
They are encouraged to use natural materials
such as leaves, twigs, fiber,
and others combined with reused, recycled,
salvaged, mixed media materials.
• They meet and brainstorm
as to how they could best interpret the theme
and budget the money provided for the materials
needed to materialize their project idea.
• There are two important criteria:
their project must be innovative
(must show guests/ our public
ways of doing things differently)
and it must create a festive mood.

This monthly showcase
is our way of promoting our local traditions
and at the same time engaging
and challenging our staff’s team spirit,
creativity and resourcefulness.

Our wonderful staff
hails from different regions
of the Philippine archipelago.
They bring with them
different handicraft skills
like weaving, floral design and arrangement,
puppet and toy making,
which they use
to creatively interpret our monthly themes.

We at The Mayflower Inn,
through our Monthly Living Traditions Showcase,
endeavor to promote
innovative methods
of maintaining continuity
in the transmission of Philippine folk culture.

The Paulina Constancia “BLOOMerang” Collection @ The Mayflower Inn

The Paulina Constancia “BLOOMerang” Collection

In line with promoting our cultural heritage,
we at Mayflower
are proud to showcase the “BLOOMerang” Collection(replica)
of Filipino-Canadian artist Paulina Constancia.

It is our hope
that these images
will help make you feel
the sincerity and warmth
of our Bisdak (authentic Cebuano)

Whether you are briefly passing through
or staying for a longer period,
we wish you a pleasant stay
and may you ever bloom
where you are planted!

About the Collection:
The “BLOOMerang” Collection
came about as Paulina experimented
with origami paper, tissue, stickers,
and scrapbook add-ons.
All come together
on 6 x 6 mini canvas boards
with the help of the friendly modge podge glue.

These pieces were made
while Paulina was living in wintry Canada.
She said,
“creating art daily has helped keep my spirit sunny.
This collection has given my inner spirit
an opportunity to bloom and dance .
It is my hope
that you will feel some sunshine
and calm in the pieces.”

About the Artist:
Paulina Constancia,
is an artist, bilingual writer,
and blogger
with a penchant for experimentation.

Her creative spirit delights
in painting with acrylics as it does with words.
She has trained in the fields
of Fashion Design, Communications, Sculpture,
Crafts, Spanish Language & Culture
in the following institutions:
El Camino College and the Academy of Art University,
both in California;
the Insituto Allende & Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes-
both in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,
and the University of Calgary, Canada .

She has exhibited her art and poetry in the Philippines,
the Netherlands, Mexico
and in various cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Paulina’s artworks
are part of distinguished
private and institutional collections
such as: schools, children’s hospitals,
orphanages, health facilities, convents,
and community centres
in the Philippines and abroad.

With this collection,
Paulina reminds us,
“Bloom where you’re planted!”

To know more about the artist
please visit her website and blogs:

The Kid’s Nook at The Mayflower Inn


Kid’s Nook
At The Mayflower Inn,
we are family-attuned
and we have lovingly dedicated
valuable space for kids to play.
This space is provided for you
to enjoy some precious time with your kids.
Parent or adult supervision is required
for kids to use this space.

“It is in playing,
and only in playing,
that the individual child
or adult is able to be creative
and to use the whole personality,
and it is only in being creative
that the individual discovers the self.”
-D.W. Winnicott (British pediatrician)


Sustainable Guestrooms at The Mayflower Inn


What we do:
Listed among the items
we have banned from our hotel include:
single-use throw-away plastic products,
unnecessary lighting, useless packaging,
unnecessary amenities and facilities.
We only provide bulk bathroom tissue
and the basic naked soap.
What you can do:
Set aside soap you don’t wish to use.
Do not waste toilet paper
(clogs the toilet and sewage system),
do not use toilet paper as a sink plug..

What we do:
We aim to use items in a way
that extends or repeats the service cycle
without loss of quality:
drinking glasses, change of linen
and towels only upon request.
For long staying guest, linens
and towels are changed every 3 days.
What you can do:
Hang your towel so you can reuse them.
Keep your towels and sheets clean.
Do not use them to wipe off make-up,
clean shoes or wipe the floor.
If you have highlighted or dyed hair,
please use your personal fabric over the pillowcase.
Remember it requires millions of gallons of water
and tons of bleaching chemicals
to keep your towels and sheets white.
Request a towel or linen change only when necessary.

What we do:
Among our practices to realize this objective
include: recycling construction materials into homemade furniture,
garbage sorting at guestrooms, donating used linens and furniture
to charitable institutions,
composting food waste into organic fertilizer,
selling collected plastic bottles and cans
with the proceeds directed to our CSR outreach programs.
What you can do:
Cooperate with our garbage sorting system
by putting your garbage in the appropriate bin:
biodegradable, non-biodegradable or residuals.
If upon checking out,
you have an item you don’t need any more
and don’t want to take with you,
don’t throw it out…donate it!
Items collected will be donated
to our CSR Outreach Partners.
Donate your clothes,
magazines, books and personal belongings.
Many guests have participated in this program.

What we do:
Here are our water and electricity
waste reduction measures:
guestroom main power key switch,
energy-efficient appliances,
100% LED Lighting (low emitting diodes),
task lighting, small tank toilets,
faucet aerators, sensor lighting,
heat pump, lower heater temperature.
Here are some of our energy saving practices:
replacement of inefficient appliances,
regular maintenance of equipment & appliances,
routine water audit and leak detection.
What you can do:
Here are ways in which you can help us
reduce energy use:
Use the stairs instead
of the elevator, (will improve your health),
do not smoke or eat in your room
(extra cleaning means extra energy use and use of pesticides),
remove the key switch when leaving the room,
do not tamper with the key switch,
turn- off appliances when not in use,
take shorter showers, turn off the tap while brushing
your teeth, shaving, or washing your face,
report malfunctioning equipment, leaking faucets and toilet.

All together,
our goal is to minimize our damaging effect
on the environment and
help RESTORE the earth
for our own good.
We are glad to have you onboard and thank you for your cooperation.
Enjoy your earth-friendly stay with us!


Sustainable Food Service at The Mayflower Inn


No napkins,
no straws,
no disposables?
What kind of a cafe is this?

This is the way of things to come…
we are practicing NOW what will be
in the NEAR Future
-a legal and moral requirement
for all food outlets to save the planet.

Hotel Food Service is usually
associated with food waste and trash.
Tissue paper, Styrofoam,
and a host of plastic throwaways:
straws, plastic cups, plastic bottles
fill the trash bins of hotels everyday.

At The Mayflower Inn,
we have deliberately set up
our food service to minimize,
if not eliminate
throwaway packaging,
and reduce food waste
to practically zero.

If any,
food waste can be handled
by our in house bio-recyclers:
turtles, fish & effective microbes.
We are proud of this.

Our food service
may seem old-fashioned
with breakable glasses, ceramic plates,
cloth napkins, ‘real’ cutlery
-but these are all meant
to make our service sustainable.

Buffet service
is another generator
of wasted food for most hotels.
Thus, to steer away
from this wasteful practice,
we at The Mayflower Inn
have adapted a special limited service menu.
We keep our menu simple
and limited
because our location already affords you
easy access to unlimited dining options.
Thus it already seems redundant
to offer you an expanded menu.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…
so at The Mayflower Inn,
we only offer you local food
so while you’re in Cebu,
you can dine like a Cebuano!!!

We know that once understood,
our practices will no longer be frowned upon
as out of date,
but rather welcomed
and appreciated
as ‘the’ wise choice
to be earth friendly.