We Are Bike Friendly


At Mayflower,
we believe that it is the call of the times
to minimize the use of carbon- emitting vehicles.
We encourage our staff and guests
to try alternative modes of transportation.
We highly recommend
the use of bicycles
as a wise alternative to cars.

Riding a BIKE
is better than riding a CAR…
Allow us to share with you
the benefits of Bicycling.

• Biking…
is more fun, dependable
and very low-cost mode of transportation,
• saves you money:
cost of operating a car costs way more:
gas, maintenance, insurance
• saves you time –
parking, maintenance, sitting in traffic
• gets you places faster:
biking is faster than other modes of transportation:
bikers often use secondary roads

Benefits to People:
• burns about 500 calories an hour
• allows you to commute and stay fit
• reduces stress and improves health
• makes a good regular physical activity
• improves mental health
• may reduce the risk of developing depression

Benefits to the Environment:
• reduces carbon dioxide emissions
• improves the health of muscles, bones and joints
• relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, improves mood
• reduces the risk of premature mortality
from coronary disease, hypertension,
colon cancer, and diabetes mellitus
• gets you to work on time more often,
and you will be happier and more productive at work
• plays an important role in improving air quality
• results in climate change mitigation

More people cycling means less traffic,
cleaner air,
and fewer vehicular accidents.

At Mayflower, we support the Low Carbon Cebu City Initiative
and encourage bicycling among our staff.
We have provided them with
a generous subsidy on the purchase of bicycles
and helmets to encourage our staff to bike to work,
save money and keep healthy and fit.

For our guests,
if you wish to try biking in Cebu,
you may avail of the following supplies
on a first come first served basis:
Bicycles, helmets, accessories;
Bicycle Parking, bike information.
Thank you and Have a Happy and Safe Ride!