Radio Taxi at The Mayflower Inn


Need a taxi?
Relax at the lobby
while we call one for you…

Guests often complain:
“Why do we have to wait
for the front desk to call a taxi? “
“Why can’t we just hail a cab from the street?”

Here’s the truth:
we are doing you
and our planet
at no Charge..

To ensure your safe trip in Cebu,
we only call accredited radio taxi companies.
FYI: We do not get any commission from this transaction,
this is a pure act of service.

A Service to you…

While waiting for your taxi you have the time:
• to relax in the safety of our lobby
and maintain your composure
before going on your next journey
• to interact with family, friends
and other guests at our shared spaces

A Service to the planet…

Patronizing Radio taxi companies means:
• Taxi drivers do not have to drive around
the city looking for passengers.
They just park at a taxi garage
and wait to be called.

• Benefit to the planet:
Radio taxi = Less burning of fossil fuel
=climate change mitigation
(actions that decrease the potential effects of global warming)

• Benefit to people:
Less cars on the street
= Less Pollution =Healthier people
People move with ease = Happier people


Natural Cooling & Ventilation

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Natural Cooling & Ventilation

So hot? No A/C…
At the Mayflower Inn,
we dare not to have A/C
in our common areas…
Believe it or not…
we are doing YOU

As part of our low carbon initiative,
we have chosen not to have air conditioning
at the lobby and common areas,
but instead we use a natural ventilation
and cooling system
without the use of mechanical devices.

The non-use of A/C
has also some health benefits
related to the prevention
of the transmission
of pulmonary airborne diseases.

Cross ventilation,
together with temperature differences
generate a gentle breeze
that flows through our corridors and common areas.

A clerestory
over the front office
and dining area
allow light and fresh air
to flow through the inner spaces,
in conjunction with large openings
around the building.
The often shaded areas
at the side of the building
acts as a wind tunnel
that cools the air
before it reaches the lobby
and the common areas.

NO A/C = Less Use of Energy (Fossil Fuel)
+ Prevention of Airbone Diseases Low Carbon Footprint
= Cimate Change Mitigation

(actions that decrease the potential effects of global warming)

Mini Forest Garden

mayflower inn garden

You might think our garden looks wild and unkempt –
very different from the manicured
and pesticide-laden lawns of other hotels.
Thank you for noticing.

At The Mayflower Inn,
we choose wildscaping over landscaping.
Here Nature is the master wildscaper
and we are but the apprentice.

We have given Nature the freedom to lead
and take its natural course.
In this petite garden,
nothing is primly trimmed or squeaky clean-
everything is bursting with life.
Algae, moss, fern, vine, bush, trees, insects, koi,
rodents, bats and birds harmoniously coexist –
a delightful regenerative bacchanalia designed by Nature.

It is our hope that you will be inspired
by the relationships that exist
within this mini-forest garden.
In life, as in the forest,
cooperation is a must
as we each have natural talents
and unique roles to play
so that we can best contribute
to our collective existence on this planet.

garden 1