JME Food Products Team Building

JME Food Products, Inc.
is the maker of Gelato Eliseo Ice Cream
that is sold in major luxury resorts in Cebu.
They have been making ice cream
since the late 1990s.

The staff and management of JME Food Products
joined a Team Building Program
at the nature sanctuary maintained by Mayflower Inn
and its affiliate hotels-
Elicon House
and West Gorordo Hotel.

The event was facilitated by
the management team
of Mayflower Realty
which manages the three hotels-
Elicon House,
West Gorordo Hotel and
The Mayflower Inn.

The team building event was
headed by its Human Resources Manager
and veteran Team Building Facilitator
Ms Johanna Estremos.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility
Community Outreach Program
JME Food Products, Inc.
was able to partner with us as
Fellows or Beneficiaries of our program.

In this program,
our staff are able to share
their talents in leadership, mentoring,
facilitating, crafting, cooking and
other skills that can help others
in a generative and empowering manner.

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