Edible Landscaping & Container Gardening


Edible Landscaping & Container Gardening

Why grow food in the city?
At the Mayflower Inn,
We say-
Why Not Grow Food in the City?!

Edible Landscaping
is the cultivation
of food producing plants
such as fruit,nut trees, vegetables,
herbs, edible flowers and ornamental plants
in a constructed landscape.

Container edible gardening
may be done by reusing
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers
such as water and juice plastic bottles.

Why are edible landscaping
and container gardening
wise eco-practices?

Here are the benefits
of growing our own food
right where we are:
(even in a small space)

• Enjoy the freshness of home-grown,
naturally- ripened fruits & vegetables
• Ensure household food security
• Enjoy pesticide & herbicide-free food
• Save on grocery money
• Bring natural world to the city

Shorten the distance from the farm to the fork
= Less use of transport
= Less burning of fossil fuel
= Climate Change Mitigation
(actions that decrease the potential effects of global warming)

Try this at home and start growing your own food!


Waterfalls & Pond

Here at The Mayflower Inn-
If you hang out long enough at the café,
there is a surprise in store for you.
During the breakfast hours
and whenever there are enough diners hanging around,
we turn on our man-made waterfalls.

The waterfalls and pond
are the water features of our mini eco-system.
They are delightful to the eyes
and pleasing to the spirit.
They create a cool and relaxing atmosphere
and contribute to the humidification of the area,
providing additional moisture for the garden plants.
Also, the filtration system
allows the collection of leaf droppings
and fine solid particles
and excreta from the fish and turtles
which become good fertilizer for the plants.

Water symbolizes life.
May the water features in our garden
remind us
that we are one with the water that surrounds us.

We have a crucial role
as stewards
to keep pure
the bodies of water inside us (as we are 90% water)
and those around us:
springs, waterfalls, rivers, seas and oceans.

Let’s not forget that the state of our waterways is reflective of the state of our spirits.

Mini Forest Garden

mayflower inn garden

You might think our garden looks wild and unkempt –
very different from the manicured
and pesticide-laden lawns of other hotels.
Thank you for noticing.

At The Mayflower Inn,
we choose wildscaping over landscaping.
Here Nature is the master wildscaper
and we are but the apprentice.

We have given Nature the freedom to lead
and take its natural course.
In this petite garden,
nothing is primly trimmed or squeaky clean-
everything is bursting with life.
Algae, moss, fern, vine, bush, trees, insects, koi,
rodents, bats and birds harmoniously coexist –
a delightful regenerative bacchanalia designed by Nature.

It is our hope that you will be inspired
by the relationships that exist
within this mini-forest garden.
In life, as in the forest,
cooperation is a must
as we each have natural talents
and unique roles to play
so that we can best contribute
to our collective existence on this planet.

garden 1