World Folk Instrument Collection @ The Mayflower Inn


World Folk Instrument Collection

Too many native instruments?
Too ethnic?
Too primitive?
these folk instruments
are primitive and ethnic,
and we are proud to share them with you.

is a folk instrument?
It is an instrument that developed
among common people
and usually doesn’t have a known inventor.
It can be made from wood, metal or other material.
It is a part of folk music.

History of Philippine Folk Instruments
Historical accounts cite
that when the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines,
there were various kinds of indigenous instruments
made of bronze, bamboo and wood.
These included gongs, drums, flutes,
zithers, lutes, clappers and buzzers.

During Spanish colonial times
in the Philippines,
Filipinos were introduced to the ‘rondalla’
(comes from the word ‘ronda’
which means ‘serenade’ in Spanish).
It is an ensemble of stringed instruments
played with the plectrum or pick.
(a.k.a. plectrum instruments).

Through the rondalla,
Filipinos learned to play the guitar,
bandurria, laúd, octavina,
double bass and bass guitar.

The Americans came in 1898
and since then the Philippine musical culture
has been dominated by American popular music
–from Ballads,Broadway, RocknRoll
to Disco,Rap,Hip-Hop,etc.
American pop music
has such a profound effect
on diverse musical traditions
to the extent of causing
their near extinction,
resulting in a ‘global music monoculture’.

Through The Mayflower Inn’s
World Folk Instrument Collection,
we endeavor to educate our guests
about the value
of preserving one’s unique cultural heritage.

Music is one of the major
means of expressing diversity.
Imagine a world
where all we hear
are the sounds
of the electric guitar
and snare drums?

We don’t want that to happen.
Thus, we would like to share with you
our wide collection of instruments
from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas
so you may see them up close
and develop an affinity towards
these humble ambassadors of culture.

With this collection,
you can travel around the world with us,
no visa required.
Appreciate and patronize indigenous music.
Remember —
that if species
become endangered and extinct,
so do cultures.
Let us honor our ancestors
by uniting
for a culturally diverse world!